VeroSource Solutions Delivers Secure COVID-19 Test Results to Citizens in New Brunswick and Manitoba

Jun 4, 2020

Citizens in New Brunswick and Manitoba are accessing their COVID-19 test results through a secure, online portal enabled by technology from VeroSource Solutions. The rapid deployment of this service in two provinces in quick succession represents an important private-public collaboration between VeroSource Solutions (VeroSource), the New Brunswick Department of Health, Shared Health, and Canada Health Infoway (Infoway).  

“VeroSource is a New Brunswick company born from the idea that as we empower Canadians with their personal health information, we can unlock value in the health care system. Our ability to quickly respond to provincial and citizen needs during COVID-19 has confirmed our purpose. We are proud to have played a small role to make a big difference for Canadians during this unprecedented time, Mark McAllister, CEO and Founder, VeroSource.  

New Brunswick was quick to leverage VeroSource technology already proven in the province to provide citizens access to bilingual, secure, COVID-19 lab test results as part of the MyHealthNB website at The solution is an important tool to reduce anxiety and wait times for citizens, while also reducing pressure on Public Health resources. 

“Providing citizens with secure, online access to their personal health information is part of a broad eHealth strategy that will empower citizens to more effectively manage their health and wellness.” said Travis Quigley, New Brunswick Executive Director of Innovation and eHealth New Brunswick. “VeroSource and our team deployed the COVID-19 test results application in record time, giving our citizens on-demand access to the information to make decisions needed to protect their family and community.”  

Shared Health awareness of VeroSource technology and success in New Brunswick’s COVID-19 response was facilitated by Infoway through provincial digital health collaboration forums. Shared Health  worked with VeroSource to launch a tailor-made secure bilingual online portal for Manitobans to access their COVID-19 negative test results at 

 The availability of COVID-19 test results online has improved access to this vital information for Manitobans, speeding up the availability of negative test results and reducing anxiety and stress for those awaiting results,” said Perry Poulsen, Provincial Lead & CIO, Digital Health, Shared Health. The team met a tight deadline, integrating the VeroSource cloud solution with our provincial lab results, while customizing the secure registration process to meet our needs.”  

New Brunswick and Manitoba were able to leverage VeroSource technology via funding from Infoway, as part of its broader initiative to assist provinces and territories in their rapid response to the COVID-19 crisis. 

“Infoway is pleased to support these projects that are giving citizens of New Brunswick and Manitoba secure online access to their COVID-19 test results,” said Michael Green, President and CEO, Infoway. “I want to thank Health Canada, the governments of New Brunswick and Manitoba, and VeroSource, for their excellent collaboration that has enabled this rapid response to the crisis.”

About VeroSource Solutions Inc. 

VeroSource Solutions Inc. is a Canadian digital health company, established in 2014, to empower people and unlock the potential in Canadian healthcare. VeroSource has a team of professionals with extensive experience with the full lifecycle of healthcare information technology solutions. This experience informs VeroSource’s digital health strategy focusing on the needs of stakeholders, and specifically citizens, at every step of the solution lifecycle. The foundation of VeroSource technology innovation is an enterprise multi-channel middleware service that enables secure citizen-facing web and mobile applications, rapid implementation of client-specific integrations, while providing core common services, in a flexible, scalable, cloud-based service.

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