Connecting the dots in digital healthcare.

VS Gateway unlocks health data sources to delivery platforms for applications and data analysis through modern APIs (i.e. HL7 and FHIR). Its security, authentication, and digital ID components ensure secure, efficient access to healthcare information.

The VeroSource Framework (VSF) powers VS Gateway

Our foundational, proprietary software, VSF, was designed with security, auditability, localization and analytics in mind. This lean, cloud-based platform integrates front-end services with registries, business logic and other enterprise assets. It lets you stay light while providing a variety of users, including clinicians, citizens and caregivers, secure data access through cloud services. 

VSF is built on modern microservices architecture, so each component functions autonomously. The benefits of this architecture include:
  • Easy interoperability through standardized APIs instead of custom integrations
  • Improved integration through strong API contracts
  • Portable to any cloud provider or combination of cloud and on-premise
  • Lean, easily expandable base system
  • Rapid development cycles and short deployment times
  • Componentization and pluggability
  • Containerized microservices for flexible deployment, portability
  • Scalability
  • Quicker issues identification and resolution


The VSF Audit Service captures all traffic entering and exiting VSF, as well as any services created with the VSF Software Development Kit. It provides a forensic history of all VSF interactions.


Enables securing of apps using JSON Web Tokens and OpenID Connect. VSF’s Authentication Service contains Role-based Access Control (RBAC) to secure access to individual services and operations. It supports having multiple authentication providers active at once via any user sign-in mechanism.


The VSF Consent Service secures and delegates access to personal data. Using an attribute-based access control (ABAC) foundation, users can specify permissions for viewing their data. All traffic flowing through VSF that may contain personal data or personal health information goes through the consent service to ensure the current user should have access to the data they request.


VSF provides a full suite of FHIR ( APIs which can be integrated with clinical back end systems.  Our FHIR services leverage the HAPI FHIR open source libraries and integrate with VSFs internal security and auditing capabilities.


VSF user interfaces support multiple languages and allow end users to switch languages at any point in a session. Textual values are not hard coded within VSF, they are tied to code value stores contained within resource bundles. This enables support of multiple languages simultaneously within a single VSF installation.

User Registry

The VSF User Registry stores information about every user of a VSF instance. Demographics include name, phone number(s), email, address(es), push notification identifiers, notes and data collection.