MyHealthNB continues to empower New Brunswickers with new health system data tool


VeroSource Solutions is proud to be working with the New Brunswick Department of Health to put more health information in the hands of citizens. Our VS Platform was leveraged to bring real-time diagnostic imaging dashboards to New Brunswickers. 

From the Government of New Brunswick Press Release:

MyHealthNB has added a new tool to the health system data of its website and mobile app to provide more health information to New Brunswickers.

People can now view the estimated wait times for various non-urgent medical imaging tests. This reflects the time from when a patient is referred by a physician to when the test is completed. The dashboard will reflect the typical maximum wait times for each service, for most patients, over a 30-day time frame.

“We believe that, by giving New Brunswickers more information about the health-care system, we will help them become more engaged with their own care,” said Health Minister Bruce Fitch. “We thank Horizon for their commitment to transparency and their efforts to make this data available. We look forward to adding Vitalité’s data to the dashboard.”

The dashboard currently displays wait times for CT scans, MRIs, bone density scans, ultrasounds and mammograms at Horizon Health Network facilities. Data from Vitalité Health Network will be added as it becomes available.

The dashboard does not include wait times for medical imaging tests of an urgent nature, which are completed as rapidly as required.

“Collecting and reporting on health-care data is a priority for Horizon,” said Horizon Health Network president and CEO Margaret Melanson. “The launch of the medical imaging dashboard is an important step in improving access to, and understanding of, the health-care system in the region.”

To view GNB's press release, visit: Link

To view the Diagnostic Imaging wait time dashboard, visit: Link

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